I. Features of PCT film

Hydrolytic stability

  • Hydrolytic stability test of PCT film & sheet : PCT has better hydrolytic stability than PET
  • As examined film surface of PCT and PET – for 5,000 hours @ 85℃ / 85% humidity, 
    the surface of PCT film is clean (no cracks), meanwhile significant cracks are observed over the surface of PET film

Electrical stability

  • Electrical stability of SKYPURA enables to perform as an insulated barrier
  • Low oligomer emission feature is the key factor for insulation performance of PCT in a long term

Thermal stability

  • Thermal stability of BOPCT is superior to that of BOPET

  • PCT could be thermally treated under higher temperature over 200℃ (heat set process)

  • PCT maintain its excellent transparency after thermal treatment (optical stability under heating conditions)

Chemical resistance

II. Value Proposition to EV Battery

  • The new film type cable based PCT (PCT FFC; flexible flat cable) could replace conventional wiring harness

  • PCT FFC is qualified by long term durability tests for automotive such as 5,000 hours @ 85℃/85% humidity, and 200 hours @ 165℃ ☞ PCT cover film could protect thin copper wires for longtime

  • Based on electrical stability of PCT film, PCT FFC fulfills equivalent conductive performance to conventional wiring harness(high break down voltage, insulation performance, protection to copper wire, etc.)